Give me liberty or give me death…and by liberty I mean pizza.


I came back to this post-it note on my desk today at werk. I said, “Dag, If I can’t start my pizza blog today, then somethings wrong”. So I got onto and did the damn thing with the quickness. I’m not sure what template I chose, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that me and my pizza friends finally have a place to go to talk shop.

So what IS LaurenLovesZa? What does it all mean?

Lauren is me. I’m Lauren.

Love is when you have a deep connection to something or someone or more than “like”.

Za is Pizza. Piz-ZA.

Lauren, what is it about pizza that you love?

How about the fact that if you put it on a bagel, you can have it anytime? Also, sauce. Sauce is a big deal for me.

What can I expect to see on this fine blog?

Very random and possibly inconsistent posts that include but are not limited to:

Pizza Facts

Pizza FAQs

Pizza reviews with pics of all the za I can get my hands on

Pizza rating system based on the names of my favorite and least favorite ingredients

Pizza Club Newsletter

Pizza Club Members section. If you are an existing member you are already designated as a VIPP (Very Important Pizza Pal) If you’re interested in joining, let me know and I’ll think about it.

Finally, pizza is getting it’s 15 minutes.

It really is National Pizza Day. Look at this for some “NEXT LEVEL RECIPES”! O dag!

This is a birthday cake za. The article is titled Best Girlfriend Ever Makes Boyfriend Birthday Pizza Cake


Best Comment:

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.15.41 PM

Sounds like Manda could use some pizza.

2 thoughts on “Give me liberty or give me death…and by liberty I mean pizza.

  1. They call me the Pizza monster, cause I eat so much pizza it’s scary. Every day is National Pizza Day for me. Mmmmm got to go eat more pizza!!!

    Za life


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